Bernd Kortmann

List of John Benjamins publications for which Bernd Kortmann plays a role.


Siegel, Jeff, Benedikt Szmrecsanyi and Bernd Kortmann 2014 Measuring analyticity and syntheticity in creolesJournal of Pidgin and Creole Languages 29:1, pp. 49–85
Creoles (here including expanded pidgins) are commonly viewed as being more analytic than their lexifiers and other languages in terms of grammatical marking. The purpose of the study reported in this article was to examine the validity of this view by measuring the frequency of analytic (and… read more | Article
Drawing on naturalistic corpus data, this study is an exercise in establishing typological profiles of learner varieties (as sampled in the International Corpus of Learner English) vis-à-vis indigenized L2 varieties of English (as represented in the International Corpus of English), though we also… read more | Article
Kortmann, Bernd and Benedikt Szmrecsanyi 2009 World Englishes between simplification and complexificationWorld Englishes – Problems, Properties and Prospects: Selected papers from the 13th IAWE conference, Hoffmann, Thomas and Lucia Siebers (eds.), pp. 263–286
This paper offers a broad empirical morphosyntactic study contributing to three debates in linguistics, one of long standing (the so-called equi-complexity axiom), the other two rather more recent, namely McWhorter’s claim (2001 a, b, 2007) that (pidgins and) creoles have the simplest grammars, and… read more | Article
Kortmann, Bernd 1999 Iconicity, Typology and CognitionForm Miming Meaning, Nänny, Max and Olga Fischer (eds.), pp. 375 ff.
Kortmann, Bernd 1991 The Triad "Tense-Aspect-Aktionsart": Problems and possible solutionsPerspectives on Aspect and Aktionsart, Vetters, Carl and Willy Vandeweghe (eds.), pp. 9–30