Irene Ronga

List of John Benjamins publications for which Irene Ronga plays a role.


Ronga, Irene 2016 Taste synaesthesias: Linguistic features and neurophysiological basesMetaphor and Communication, Gola, Elisabetta and Francesca Ervas (eds.), pp. 47–60 | Article
Taste synaesthesias are metaphorical expressions composed of a taste-related head and a modifier related to a different sensory modality (e.g. ‘delicate taste'). By employing an interdisciplinary approach, combining corpus linguistics with neurophysiology, it is shown that taste synaesthesias are… read more
Ronga, Irene, Carla Bazzanella, Ferdinando Rossi and Giandomenico Iannetti 2012 Linguistic synaesthesia, perceptual synaesthesia, and the interaction between multiple sensory modalitiesPragmatics & Cognition 20:1, pp. 135–167 | Article
Recent studies on cortical processing of sensory information highlight the importance of multisensory integration, and define precise rules governing reciprocal influences between inputs of different sensory modalities. We propose that psychophysical interactions between different types of sensory… read more