Marize Mattos Dall'Aglio Hattnher

List of John Benjamins publications for which Marize Mattos Dall'Aglio Hattnher plays a role.


Olbertz, Hella and Marize Mattos Dall'Aglio Hattnher. 2018. On objective and subjective epistemic modality again: Evidence from Portuguese and Spanish modal auxiliaries. Recent Developments in Functional Discourse Grammar, Keizer, Evelien and Hella Olbertz (eds.), pp. 131–168
This aim of this chapter is to prove the linguistic reality of the distinction between objective and subjective epistemic modality as made in FDG, according to which the former modifies the Episode and the latter the Propositional Content. The chapter studies the two basic Spanish modal auxiliaries… read more | Chapter
Hattnher, Marize Mattos Dall'Aglio. 2013. The interaction between tense and evidentials of event perception and deduction in Brazilian Native languages. Casebook in Functional Discourse Grammar, Mackenzie, J. Lachlan and Hella Olbertz (eds.), pp. 39–66
This chapter discusses the relationship between evidentiality and tense in order to determine how the semantic differences between deduction and event perception evidentials are reflected in their combination with tense markers. I analyse a sample of 34 Brazilian native languages with… read more | Article