Soo Jung Youn

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This study examines how L2 learners of English at different pragmatic performance levels implement requests during role-play assessment interaction. In doing so, the role of grammar-for-interaction as validity evidence of assessing interactional competence is explicated. Using qualitative and… read more
Taguchi, Naoko and Soo Jung Youn 2022 Chapter 7. Pragmatics: Assessing learning outcomes in instructional studiesInstructed Second Language Acquisition Research Methods, Gurzynski-Weiss, Laura and YouJin Kim (eds.), pp. 149–180 | Chapter
The field of instructed SLA (ISLA) has grown rapidly in recent years to examine how systematic manipulations of instructional conditions can lead to the development of second language (L2) knowledge and use (Loewen & Sato, 2017). Following this trend, L2 pragmatics researchers have implemented… read more
This study examines how clear communicative goals and authentic interaction are ensured in task-based pragmatic assessment practices, particularly in designing role-play assessment tasks and developing task-appropriate rating criteria. Employing a concurrent mixed methods design, conversation… read more