Olivier Kraif

List of John Benjamins publications for which Olivier Kraif plays a role.


Le Serrec, Annaïch, Marie-Claude L'Homme, Patrick Drouin and Olivier Kraif. 2010. Automating the compilation of specialized dictionaries: Use and analysis of term extraction and lexical alignment. Terminology 16:1, pp. 77–106
In this paper, we study how single-word term extraction and bilingual lexical alignment can be used and combined to assist terminologists when they compile bilingual specialized dictionaries. Two specific tools — namely a term extractor called TermoStat and a sentence and lexical aligner called… read more | Article
Textual aligning consists in pairing segments (e.g. sentences or phrases) that are translational equivalents across corpora of translations. An interesting application of textual aligning is the automatic extraction of bilingual lexicons. As it has been pointed out during previous evaluation… read more | Article
Kraif, Olivier. 2002. Translation alignment and lexical correspondences: A methodological reflection. Lexis in Contrast: Corpus-based approaches, Altenberg, Bengt and Sylviane Granger (eds.), pp. 271–289