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Flourishing in Italian: Positive Psychology approaches to the teaching and learning of Italian in Australia

Edited by Antonia Rubino, Antonella Strambi and Vincenza Tudini

Special issue of Australian Review of Applied Linguistics 40:2 (2017) v, 109 pp.
Subjects Applied linguistics | Corpus linguistics | Discourse studies | Language acquisition | Language policy | Language teaching | Multilingualism | Pragmatics | Translation Studies | Writing and literacy
Subjects Applied linguistics | Language acquisition | Language teaching


Strambi, Antonella, Anna Gadd, Ann Luzeckyj, Antonia Rubino and Javier Díaz Martínez 2023 Flourishing in Spanish: A pilot implementation of a wellbeing-supportive approach to L2 teaching and learningAustralian Review of Applied Linguistics 47:2, pp. 194–216 | Article
This paper reports on a pilot implementation of the FL2 approach and resources, developed to support tertiary students’ wellbeing as well as their second language learning (L2). The FL2 approach and learning activities were piloted in two Spanish language courses at Australian universities.… read more
Rubino, Antonia, Antonella Strambi and Vincenza Tudini 2017 Flourishing in Italian: Positive Psychology perspectives on the teaching and learning of Italian in AustraliaFlourishing in Italian: Positive Psychology approaches to the teaching and learning of Italian in Australia, Rubino, Antonia, Antonella Strambi and Vincenza Tudini (eds.), pp. 105–107 | Editorial
Strambi, Antonella, Ann Luzeckyj and Antonia Rubino 2017 Flourishing in a Second Language (FL2): Integrating Positive Psychology, Transition Pedagogy and CLIL principlesFlourishing in Italian: Positive Psychology approaches to the teaching and learning of Italian in Australia, Rubino, Antonia, Antonella Strambi and Vincenza Tudini (eds.), pp. 121–139 | Article
This paper presents findings from the Flourishing in a Second Language (FL2) project – a language curriculum for first-year university students which integrates Positive Psychology (Seligman, 2002), Transition Pedagogy (Kift, 2009a), and CLIL principles (Coyle, 2006). The project aims to create… read more
Australian research on immigrant languages has paid little attention to interactional approaches to language alternation as identity construction, and sites other than the family and the mainstream school. We argue for the need of studies that take into account a wider range of sites, in… read more
This paper gives a critical overview of Australian research in the area of immigrant languages, arguing that this field of study is a significant component of the wider applied linguistics scene in Australia and has also contributed to enhancing the broad appreciation of the cultural and linguistic… read more
Rubino, Antonia 2006 From the editorAustralian Review of Applied Linguistics 29:1, pp. 1.1–1.3 | Miscellaneous
Rubino, Antonia 2004 IntroductionUsing and Learning Italian in Australia, Rubino, Antonia (ed.), pp. 1–8 | Introduction
In the process of language shift from the immigrant languages to English, everyday communication within the family can become increasingly problematic due to strong divergences in the linguistic competences of the older and the younger generations. This article explores the process of language… read more
Patterns of language use by Sicilians and Venetians living in Sydney are here presented with particular attention to the maintenance of Italian and Dialect under the impact of widespread shift to English. Data gathered by questionnaire self-reporting are analysed according to four main variables:… read more
Rubino, Antonia and Camilla Bettoni 1991 The use of English among Italo-Australians in SydneyAustralian Review of Applied Linguistics 14:1, pp. 59–89 | Article
This article presents the first results of a research project which investigates patterns of language use in the Italo-Australian community in Sydney. All three languages spoken by the majority of Italo-Australians are taken into account: Italian, dialect and English. This article focusses on… read more
This articles reports on the fieldwork methodology that was adopted to collect naturally occurring conversations within an Italo-Australian family. In particular, it focusses on the gradual development of the researcher’s position from an outsider to the family network to an insider of a special… read more
Rubino, Antonia 1987 Code mixing and code control in Italo-Australian childrenItalian in Australia: Applied linguistics, Bettoni, Camilla (ed.), pp. 128–153 | Article