Gitte Rasmussen

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Evaluating Cognitive Competences in Interaction

Edited by Gitte Rasmussen, Catherine E. Brouwer and Dennis Day

[Pragmatics & Beyond New Series, 225] 2012. v, 238 pp.
Subjects Cognition and language | Discourse studies | Pragmatics


Rasmussen, Gitte 2024 Singling out: A method of group inclusion for residents living with dementiaPragmatics of Active Social Inclusion, Matsumoto, Yoshiko and Heidi E. Hamilton (eds.), pp. 157–177 | Article
This EMCA (Ethnomethodology and Conversation Analysis) study concerns carers’ multimodal methods for including residents living with dementia in social activities in remote locations. It illustrates how groups of residents are pre-arranged and how the residents are subsequently singled out one by… read more
Rasmussen, Gitte, Elisabeth Dalby Kristiansen and Søren Vigild Poulsen 2024 The World of Daily Life: Doing a search for (e‑)shopping purposesPragmatics and Society: Online-First Articles | Article
Within social scientific research searching for products is overwhelmingly reduced and represented as an activity that is embedded in decision-making processes. This study shows that searching is extremely multimodally rich and complex and that structured stages of searching are the product of… read more
This article presents a study of participants’ practices for closing buying-selling encounters in retail shops. The study shows how the handing over of a shopping bag with the items purchased serves as a resource for organizing the closing of the encounter. Further, taking its point of departure… read more
University of Southern Denmark read more
Rasmussen, Gitte 2012 Triumphing: When ‘mental state’ evaluations become insultsEvaluating Cognitive Competences in Interaction, Rasmussen, Gitte, Catherine E. Brouwer and Dennis Day (eds.), pp. 211–234 | Article
This paper presents a study of how teenage boys with learning disabilities evaluate co-participants’ ‘cognitive’ or ‘mental’ state competences in interaction (“you are sick in the head”). The evaluations emerge out of disputes and disagreements about social experiences and end these disputes by… read more
Rasmussen, Gitte 2012 IntroductionEvaluating Cognitive Competences in Interaction, Rasmussen, Gitte, Catherine E. Brouwer and Dennis Day (eds.), pp. 1–14 | Article
This collection of papers analyzes the phenomena of ‘cognition,’ ‘competences,’ and ‘evaluation’ with an ethnomethodological (EM) and/or conversation analytic (CA) praxiological approach. Hence, the approach of this collection differs from many approaches and research interests within cognitive… read more
Hougaard, Anders and Gitte Rasmussen 2008 Implications of cognitive metaphor and gesture studies for Ethnomethodology and Conversation Analysis and vice versaMetaphor and Gesture, Cienki, Alan and Cornelia Müller (eds.), pp. 265–272 | Article
Rasmussen, Gitte 2008 "Mental Spaces" and "Blending" in Discourse and Interaction: A ResponseMental Spaces in Discourse and Interaction, Oakley, Todd and Anders Hougaard (eds.), pp. 247–250 | Article
Rasmussen, Gitte and Johannes Wagner 2002 Language choice in international telephone conversationsTelephone Calls: Unity and diversity in conversational structure across languages and cultures, Luke, K.K. and Theodossia-Soula Pavlidou (eds.), pp. 111–131 | Article