Angela Bartens

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Creoles in Education: An appraisal of current programs and projects

Edited by Bettina Migge, Isabelle Léglise and Angela Bartens

[Creole Language Library, 36] 2010. vii, 356 pp.
Subjects Applied linguistics | Creole studies | Language teaching


Eloranta, Rita and Angela Bartens 2020 Chapter 11. New Mochica and the challenge of reviving an extinct languageVariation and Evolution: Aspects of language contact and contrast across the Spanish-speaking world, Sessarego, Sandro, Juan J. Colomina-Almiñana and Adrián Rodríguez-Riccelli (eds.), pp. 253–274
In this paper, we discuss New Mochica as an example of language revival. New Mochica is definitely not the Mochica of the colonial or republican epoch of present-day Peru and the continuity of an already extinct language can be questioned. Van Coetsem’s (1988, 2000) framework of language contact… read more | Chapter
This paper investigates the influence of the substrate as represented by the Kwa language Twi on the English-based creoles spoken on San Andrés and Old Providence (Colombia) and on the Atlantic coast of Nicaragua. Thirty phonological, morphosyntactic and lexical features were selected for scrutiny.… read more | Article
Migge, Bettina, Isabelle Léglise and Angela Bartens 2010 Creoles in education: A discussion of pertinent issuesCreoles in Education: An appraisal of current programs and projects, Migge, Bettina, Isabelle Léglise and Angela Bartens (eds.), pp. 1–30
This paper reviews and critically assesses issues that pertain to the implementation of Creole languages in education. We review historical, social and political issues that have hindered the introduction of most of these contact languages in the educational domain as well as the factors that have… read more | Article
Bartens, Angela and Niclas Sandström 2008 Explaining Kabuverdianu nominal plural formationLanguage Complexity: Typology, contact, change, Miestamo, Matti, Kaius Sinnemäki and Fred Karlsson (eds.), pp. 305–320
In this study, we apply the morphosyntactic 4-M model developed by Myers-Scotton and Jake (2000a, b) to data from Kabuverdianu or Cape Verdean Creole Portuguese (CVC) which has been less strongly restructured than so-called prototypical creoles.1 We focus on nominal plural marking where CVC… read more | Article