Elisabeth Wehling

List of John Benjamins publications for which Elisabeth Wehling plays a role.


Wehling, Elisabeth. 2017. Discourse management gestures. Gesture 16:2, pp. 245–276
Gestures that are used by interlocutors to manage the gist of their ‘discourse interactions’, namely content exchange and floor taking, can have one of two very different pragmatic functions: to signal inclusion and cooperation in friendly conversation, or to establish control in more argumentative… read more | Article
Conceptual metaphoric mappings – i.e., the comprehension of one, often abstract, domain of reasoning in terms of another – are a common means of framing political issues, with direct fallouts for the electorate’s decision-making (e.g. Landau, Sullivan, & Greenberg 2009; Thibodeau & Boroditsky 2011). read more | Article