Marta Albelda Marco

Marta Albelda Marco

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Estrategias atenuantes en géneros discursivos del español: Interfaz semántico-pragmática

Edited by Marta Albelda Marco

Special issue of Spanish in Context 15:2 (2018) v, 192 pp.
Subjects Discourse studies | Pragmatics | Romance linguistics

Discourse approaches to evidentiality in Spanish

Edited by Marta Albelda Marco and María Estellés

Special issue of Pragmatics and Society 9:3 (2018) v, 162 pp.
Subjects Discourse studies | Pragmatics | Sociolinguistics and Dialectology


This paper studies rhetorical questions containing cognitive verbs that function as reproaches in Spanish. Its two main goals are to determine the degree of specialization of rhetorical questions as reproaches and to examine the characterization of reproaching as a speech act, indicating the… read more | Article
El presente trabajo investiga en qué medida la atención a la imagen social incide en la expresión de la atenuación. Para ello se realiza un estudio de los mecanismos atenuantes en cinco géneros discursivos seleccionados por su diferente tratamiento de la imagen: artículos de investigación, foros de… read more | Article
Albelda Marco, Marta. 2018. Evidentials as a mark of genre: A study of four oral and written genres. Discourse approaches to evidentiality in Spanish, Albelda Marco, Marta and María Estellés (eds.), pp. 429–453
This paper aims to study the different types and pragmatic functions of the Spanish evidential forms found in four discursive genres, in order to observe if any restrictions apply. All the evidentials are studied in a corpus containing 100,000 words, evenly distributed over colloquial… read more | Article
Albelda Marco, Marta and María Estellés. 2018. Introduction to the special issue: Discourse approaches to evidentiality in Spanish. Discourse approaches to evidentiality in Spanish, Albelda Marco, Marta and María Estellés (eds.), pp. 333–339
Based on examples from academic papers and parliamentary debates in Spain, the present paper studies a particular phenomenon within evidentiality, which is called ‘pragmatic indirectness’ in this work. This phenomenon involves examples in which evidentiality is expressed formally in a certain way… read more | Chapter
En este artículo se estudian las posibilidades evidenciales de las diversas combinaciones que subyacen a la construcción española se ve (que). Para ello se examinan los usos de esta construcción en tres corpus discursivos orales del español, en los que se analizan los contextos sintácticos, los… read more | Article
By analysing the influence of situational factors, this paper aims to determine if all face-threatening acts indeed have an impolite effect. Two types of peninsular Spanish speech corpora (formal and informal) were examined, each with different situational features. The theoretical maxims applied… read more | Article