Natalie Kübler

List of John Benjamins publications for which Natalie Kübler plays a role.


Pecman, Mojca and Natalie Kübler. 2022. Chapter 12. Text genres and Terminology. Theoretical Perspectives on Terminology: Explaining terms, concepts and specialized knowledge, Faber, Pamela and Marie-Claude L'Homme (eds.), pp. 263–290
Terminology is intrinsically linked to textual genres. Text genres became an essential component of terminological research and practice in the context of Corpus-based and Textual Terminology. These approaches placed a spotlight on specific terminological features according to genre types and made… read more | Chapter
Kübler, Natalie and Alexandra Volanschi. 2012. Semantic prosody and specialised translation, or how a lexico-grammatical theory of language can help with specialised translation. Corpus-Informed Research and Learning in ESP: Issues and applications, Boulton, Alex, Shirley Carter-Thomas and Elizabeth Rowley-Jolivet (eds.), pp. 103–134
Corpus linguistics has invaded translation studies and practice over the last fifteen years, allowing researchers to analyse the language of translation or to use corpora as tools in the translation process. This study deals with the application of a theoretical and methodological corpus… read more | Article
Volanschi, Alexandra and Natalie Kübler. 2011. The impact of metaphorical framing on term creation in biology. Terminology 17:2, pp. 198–223
The present paper is an in-depth study of the lexical units transferred by metaphorical extension from general English to the field of biology, based on the analysis of a 20 million word corpus of scientific articles. Terminological metaphors are analysed both as keys to cognitive processes… read more | Article
Kunz, Kerstin, Sara Castagnoli and Natalie Kübler. 2010. Corpora in translator training: A program for an eLearning course. Why Translation Studies Matters, Gile, Daniel, Gyde Hansen and Nike K. Pokorn (eds.), pp. 195–208
Within recent years, corpora have gained considerable importance in Translation Studies, and a number of studies have also appeared which show their value for translator training (e.g. Zanettin et al. 2003). However, results from a recent survey reveal that current practising and trainee… read more | Article
Verbs denoting transfer between two persons have already been partially studied in French and in English. The systematic investigation undertaken in this study is aimed at showing that the transfer predicate — in both languages — matches structures that appear in other semantic contexts. A number… read more | Article