Jane Stuart-Smith

List of John Benjamins publications for which Jane Stuart-Smith plays a role.


Stuart-Smith, Jane, Tamara Rathcke, Morgan Sonderegger and Rachel Macdonald 2015 A real-time study of plosives in Glaswegian using an automatic measurement algorithm: Change or age-grading?Language Variation - European Perspectives V: Selected papers from the Seventh International Conference on Language Variation in Europe (ICLaVE 7), Trondheim, June 2013, Torgersen, Eivind, Stian Hårstad, Brit Mæhlum and Unn Røyneland (eds.), pp. 225–238 | Article
This paper presents a collaborative study of variation and potential change in the voicing contrast in Scottish English plosives, analyzed in recordings from twelve vernacular female speakers of different generations made in the 1970s and the 2000s in Glasgow. We adapted an existing automatic… read more
Alam, Farhana and Jane Stuart-Smith 2014 Identity, ethnicity and fine phonetic detail: An acoustic phonetic analysis of syllable-initial /t/ in Glaswegian girls of Pakistani heritageEnglish in the Indian Diaspora, Hundt, Marianne and Devyani Sharma (eds.), pp. 29–53 | Article
English in the Indian diaspora in Britain is of much interest, both in the emergence of regional ethnic Englishes (Heselwood & McChrystal 2000) and in the potential links with language change in mainstream English (Kerswill et al. 2008). Also intriguing are the processes by which features percolate… read more
Stuart-Smith, Jane, Eleanor Lawson and James M. Scobbie 2014 Derhoticisation in Scottish English: A sociophonetic journeyAdvances in Sociophonetics, Celata, Chiara and Silvia Calamai (eds.), pp. 59–96 | Article
This paper presents the rewards of a sociophonetic journey by focusing on fine-grained variation in Scottish English coda /r/. We synthesize the results of some 15 years of research and provide a sociophonological account of variation and change in this feature. We summarize observations on coda… read more
Stuart-Smith, Jane, Claire Timmins and Fiona Tweedie 2006 Conservation and innovation in a traditional dialect: L‑vocalization in GlaswegianEnglish World-Wide 27:1, pp. 71–87 | Article
Johnston (1997) suggests that, if defined in terms of phonology, Scots as a traditional dialect in Britain has a “rosy future”. Glaswegian is known to continue Scots L‑vocalization in words such as ball and all. L‑vocalization of a different type, similar to that found in Cockney, is one feature… read more
Stuart-Smith, Jane 1994 Reconstructed Sound Change and Phonetic Plausibility: The development of the Proto-Indo-European voiced aspirates in ItalicSound Change, Dominicy, Marc and Didier Demolin (eds.), pp. 45–57 | Article
Abstract. A basic assumption of phonological reconstruction is that plausible processes of change connect reconstructed sounds with the reflexes on which they are based. It is not clear, however, how this plausibility is assessed. The decisions seem to be made on the basis of intuitive feelings… read more