Koenraad Kuiper

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New Zealand English

Edited by Allan Bell and Koenraad Kuiper

Subjects English linguistics | Germanic linguistics | Historical linguistics | Sociolinguistics and Dialectology


Kuiper, Koenraad, Marie-Elaine van Egmond, Gerard Kempen and Simone Sprenger 2007 Slipping on superlemmas: Multi-word lexical items in speech productionThe Mental Lexicon 2:3, pp. 313–357
Only relatively recently have theories of speech production concerned themselves with the part idioms and other multi-word lexical items (MLIs) play in the processes of speech production. Two theories of speech production which attempt to account for the accessing of idioms in speech production are… read more | Article
Hickey, Francesca and Koenraad Kuiper 2000 12. ‘A deep depression covers the South Tasman Sea’: New Zealand Meteorological Office weather forecastsNew Zealand English, Bell, Allan and Koenraad Kuiper (eds.), pp. 279–296
Kuiper, Koenraad and Allan Bell 2000 1. New Zealand and New Zealand EnglishNew Zealand English, Bell, Allan and Koenraad Kuiper (eds.), pp. 11–22