Ilse Stangen

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This chapter is concerned with Turkish heritage speakers (HSs) in Germany, here exemplified by 21 early bilinguals during adulthood who live in Hamburg, North Germany. We introduce the population, report their self-perceived proficiency and propose the Turkish Use Score (TUS) that is based on… read more | Chapter
Kupisch, Tanja, Alyona Belikova, Öner Özçelik, Ilse Stangen and Lydia White. 2017. Restrictions on definiteness in the grammars of German-Turkish heritage speakers. Linguistic Approaches to Bilingualism 7:1, pp. 1–32
This paper reports on a study investigating restrictions on definiteness (the Definiteness Effect) in existential constructions in the two languages of Turkish heritage speakers in Germany. Turkish and German differ in how the Definiteness Effect plays out. Definite expressions in German may not… read more | To be specified
Stangen, Ilse, Tanja Kupisch, Anna Lia Proietti Ergün and Marina Zielke. 2015. Foreign accent in heritage speakers of Turkish in Germany. Transfer Effects in Multilingual Language Development, Peukert, Hagen (ed.), pp. 87–108
The present study is concerned with global foreign accent (FA) in heritage speakers (HS). Specifically, we investigate whether (i) HS acquire a native accent in both languages and (ii) whether age of onset (AoO) is relevant. FA was examined in 21 adult HS of Turkish in Germany (AoO in German 0–9… read more | Article
L3 acquisition has been a topic of increasing interest throughout the past decade. Nevertheless, linguistically-oriented work has so far paid little attention to the acquisition of foreign languages by second generation minority (or heritage) speakers, who have acquired two languages in early… read more | Article
Kupisch, Tanja, Dagmar Barton, Giulia Bianchi and Ilse Stangen. 2012. The HABLA-corpus (German-French and German-Italian). Multilingual Corpora and Multilingual Corpus Analysis, Schmidt, Thomas and Kai Wörner (eds.), pp. 163–179
The HABLA-corpus (Hamburg Adult Bilingual LAnguage) comprises data in the form of semi-structured interviews gathered in the project E11, Linguistic Aspects of Language Attrition and Second Language Acquisition in adult bilinguals (German-French and German-Italian). E11 investigated the language of… read more | Article