Susumu Kuno

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Subjects Cognitive linguistics | English linguistics | Functional linguistics | Germanic linguistics | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics


Japanese has two types of double nominative constructions — the first exemplified by sentences such as Taroo ga otoosan ga sinda “Taro — (his) father has died,” and the second by sentences such as Taroo ga eigo ga yoku dekiru “Taro can (speak) English well.” Kuno (1973a, b) claimed that the first… read more
Kuno, Susumu and Ken-ichi Takami 1997 Structural or Functional Accounts?Directions in Functional Linguistics, Kamio, Akio (ed.), pp. 221 ff. | Article
Kuno, Susumu and Graziella Tonfoni 1983 On Some Functional Constraints on Cliticization in ItalianStudies in Language 7:1, pp. 65–88 | Article
Cliticization in Italian has been relatively well studied from a syntactic point of view, but it has not been examined at all from a functional standpoint. This paper addresses itself to the task of identifying various discourse constraints on the process. First, we propose that a focus constituent… read more
Kuno, Susumu and Preya Wongkhomthong 1981 Relative Clauses in ThaiStudies in Language 5:2, pp. 195–226 | Article
Kuno, Susumu and Preya Wongkhomthong 1981 Characterizational and Identificational Sentences in ThaiStudies in Language 5:1, pp. 65–109 | Article