Jason Kandybowicz

List of John Benjamins publications for which Jason Kandybowicz plays a role.


Subjects Generative linguistics | Other African languages | Phonology | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics


Kandybowicz, Jason 2017 On prosodic variation and the distribution of wh- in-situSyntactic Variation and Change, Håkansson, David, Ida Larsson and Erik Magnusson Petzell (eds.), pp. 111–148
Wh- in-situ is a pervasive feature of Tano interrogative syntax, yet the Tano languages differ from one another in subtle ways with respect to the distribution of in-situ interrogatives. Languages like Krachi and Bono allow wh- in-situ in both main and embedded complement clauses, whereas closely… read more | Article
Kandybowicz, Jason 2007 On fusion and multiple copy spell-out: The case of verbal repetitionThe Copy Theory of Movement, Corver, Norbert and Jairo Nunes (eds.), pp. 119–150
Focusing on the case of verbal repetition in Nupe, a Benue-Congo language spoken in central Nigeria, this chapter shows that verbal repetition constructions are mono-clausal syntactic objects in which the participating verbs are neither independently base-merged, as in the case of verb… read more | Chapter