Zsófia Demjén

List of John Benjamins publications for which Zsófia Demjén plays a role.


Collins, Luke, Vaclav Brezina, Zsófia Demjén, Elena Semino and Angela Woods 2023 Corpus linguistics and clinical psychology: Investigating personification in first-person accounts of voice-hearingInternational Journal of Corpus Linguistics 28:1, pp. 28–59 | Article
Triangulating corpus linguistic approaches with other (linguistic and non-linguistic) approaches enhances “both the rigour of corpus linguistics and its incorporation into all kinds of research” (McEnery & Hardie, 2012: 227). Our study investigates an important area of mental health research: the… read more
Demjén, Zsófia, Elena Semino and Veronika Koller 2016 Metaphors for ‘good’ and ‘bad’ deaths: A health professional viewMetaphor and the Social World 6:1, pp. 1–19 | Article
This paper discusses the metaphors used by sixteen palliative healthcare professionals from around the United Kingdom in semi-structured interviews to describe what they see as ‘good’ and ‘bad’ deaths. The interviews, conducted for the large-scale “Metaphor in End-of-Life Care” project, are set… read more
Demmen, Jane, Elena Semino, Zsófia Demjén, Veronika Koller, Andrew Hardie, Paul Rayson and Sheila Payne 2015 A computer-assisted study of the use of Violence metaphors for cancer and end of life by patients, family carers and health professionalsInternational Journal of Corpus Linguistics 20:2, pp. 205–231 | Article
This study combines quantitative semi-automated corpus methods with manual qualitative analysis to investigate the use of Violence metaphors for cancer and end of life in a 1,500,000-word corpus of data from three stakeholder groups in healthcare: patients, family carers and healthcare… read more
This paper considers how mental states can be conveyed by metaphorical expressions in texts of a personal nature. Figurative language is understood to play an important role in the expression of such complex nuanced phenomena (Lakoff & Johnson, 1999; Kövecses, 2000; Gibbs, Leggit & Turner, 2002).… read more