Anna Idström

Anna Idström

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Endangered Metaphors

Edited by Anna Idström and Elisabeth Piirainen

Subjects Anthropological Linguistics | Cognition and language


Cognitive Metaphor Theory involves an assumption that the metaphorical patterns which systematically connect a source domain to a target domain stem from cognitive mapping: understanding and experiencing one thing in terms of another. The Inari Saami material collected from several sources does not… read more | Article
Idström, Anna and Elisabeth Piirainen. 2012. Endangered metaphors: Introduction. Endangered Metaphors, Idström, Anna and Elisabeth Piirainen (eds.), pp. 15–20
This article aims to shed light on the impact of an extended social context on the motivation for the figurative content of conventional metaphors. The article therefore compares conventional linguistic metaphors found in Inari Saami with conventional linguistic metaphors that are widespread among… read more | Article