Jacques Labelle

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Subjects Romance linguistics


This paper deals with the representation of linguistic differences between varieties of french language, french of Quebec and french of France. Quebec french has a lot of linguistic particularities and presents many differences of uses, including lexicon and grammatical properties.It is an… read more | Article
The automatic analysis of French texts using intex produces good results as long as the French dictionaries are complete. But Quebec French texts have a lot of linguistic particularities and pose specific problems. So the building of electronic dictionaries of Quebec French is essential. Such… read more | Article
This work deals with the sub-class of concrete nouns and with automatic lexical transfer. It is a part of an ongoing project of comparative description of Quebec French. The paper presents a comparative method for studying language variants and some results concerning the construction of an… read more | Article
Labelle, Jacques. 1989. Norms and Variants in French. Lingvisticæ Investigationes 13:2, pp. 281–305
In most studies of French, Parisian French is considered as a more or less "institutional norm." Examining some aspects of Québec French (especially frozen sentences), we give evidence that a complete description of French must take into account linguistic varieties which have their own… read more | Article
Many studies are available on the relationship between verbs and the substantives derived from them by nominalization. The concept of support-verb may lead to a redefinition of the notions of predicate and argument. This study is an extension of such an approach, where the substantives involved in… read more | Article