Martha Rudka

List of John Benjamins publications for which Martha Rudka plays a role.


Gerwien, Johannes and Martha Rudka 2019 Chapter 8. Expectation changes over time: How long it takes to process focus imposed by German sogarEmpirical Studies of the Construction of Discourse, Loureda, Óscar, Inés Recio Fernández, Laura Nadal and Adriana Cruz (eds.), pp. 229–252 | Chapter
Focus-sensitive particles (FP) are assumed to guide comprehenders’ attention by focalizing constituents and contrasting them to a set of alternatives (Blakemore 2002). However, here we show that the effect the German FP sogar asserts is not uniform across different sentences. We then present… read more
Nadal, Laura, Inés Recio Fernández, Martha Rudka and Óscar Loureda 2017 Chapter 5. Processing additivity in Spanish: incluso vs. ademásFocus on Additivity: Adverbial modifiers in Romance, Germanic and Slavic languages, De Cesare, Anna-Maria and Cecilia Andorno (eds.), pp. 137–154 | Chapter
This paper offers an experimental analysis of how additive discourse relations are processed in Spanish. The processing data were obtained from an eye-tracking reading experiment on utterances in which the focus operator incluso ‘even’ and the additive connective además ‘furthermore’ were either… read more