Christopher Laenzlinger

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Subjects Comparative linguistics | Generative linguistics | Germanic linguistics | Romance linguistics


Laenzlinger, Christopher 2015 Comparative adverb syntax: A cartographic approachAdverbs: Functional and diachronic aspects, Pittner, Karin, Daniela Elsner and Fabian Barteld (eds.), pp. 207–238
In this paper I investigate the neutral structure of the Mittelfeld in Germanic (mainly German) and Romance (mainly French) languages following the cartographic approach (Cinque 1999, 2005, 2010; Kayne 1994, 2005; Cinque & Rizzi 2008; Laenzlinger 2011). Given the full VP-evacuation condition… read more | Article
Laenzlinger, Christopher 2004 A feature-based theory of adverb syntaxAdverbials: The interplay between meaning, context, and syntactic structure, Austin, Jennifer R., Stefan Engelberg and Gisa Rauh (eds.), pp. 205–252