Jack McMartin

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This article outlines some main developments that have led to the recent emergence of research on the ‘sociology of translation.’ Such research adopts approaches from the broader social sciences, particularly sociology, but is also directly related to the so-called ‘cultural turn’ within… read more | Article
Brems, Elke and Jack McMartin 2021 Chapter 13. The voices of James Stratton HolmesLiterary Translator Studies, Kaindl, Klaus, Waltraud Kolb and Daniela Schlager (eds.), pp. 249–263
This article discusses the contemporary Hungarian and Anglophone reception of a trilogy of recently ‘rediscovered’ novels chronicling the demise of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Written by the Transylvanian author and statesman Miklós Bánffy (1873–1950), the trilogy was originally published in… read more | Article
Brems, Elke and Jack McMartin 2020 Chapter 14. The polyphony of periodicals: James S Holmes and Delta Literary Translation in Periodicals: Methodological challenges for a transnational approach, Fólica, Laura, Diana Roig-Sanz and Stefania Caristia (eds.), pp. 331–346
This chapter introduces the concept of polyphonic voice to investigate the soundscape of a translation-rich periodical. Using the anglophone Dutch periodical Delta and one of its principle editors and translators, James S Holmes, as a case, it shows how the “silent voice” of a periodical’s patron… read more | Chapter