Margaret Laing

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In Old English the finite forms of the bLroot for ‘be’ (beo, bist, bið, etc.) were more likely to appear in contexts involving futurity than the sLroot (eom, eart, is, etc). The use of the bLroot for future continues into Middle English. During the compilation of LAEME, we have observed that the… read more
Written Middle English is not phonetic transcript. The sound-pattern is not directly known, but has to be reconstructed – from, among other things, written forms interpreted in the light of the particular spelling systems to which they belong. Pronunciation is an object of discovery, not a premiss:… read more
Laing, Margaret and Keith Williamson 2004 The archaeology of medieval textsCategorization in the History of English, Kay, Christian and Jeremy J. Smith (eds.), pp. 85 ff. | Article