Ursula Lutzky

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Reference and Identity in Public Discourses

Edited by Ursula Lutzky and Minna Nevala

[Pragmatics & Beyond New Series, 306] 2019. vi, 284 pp.
Subjects Discourse studies | Pragmatics | Sociolinguistics and Dialectology
Subjects Discourse studies | English linguistics | Germanic linguistics | Historical linguistics | Pragmatics


Interjections have been studied for all periods in the history of English, ranging from the study of Old English exclamations such as hwaet (Brinton 2017) to the pragmatic functions of forms such as oops in Present Day English (Lutzky and Kehoe 2017). The Early Modern English (EModE) period… read more | Article
Previous studies have found discourse markers to be represented with only low frequencies in Early Modern English trial proceedings, especially when compared to other dialogic and fictional text types from the same period. Nevertheless, they comprise certain classes of markers, such as contrastive… read more | Article
Nevala, Minna and Ursula Lutzky 2019 Pragmatic explorations of reference and identity in public discoursesReference and Identity in Public Discourses, Lutzky, Ursula and Minna Nevala (eds.), pp. 1–16
This introductory chapter sets the scene for the contributions to this volume which are all focused on the analysis of reference and identity in public discourses. In this chapter, we provide an initial overview of previous research findings on reference and identity, and thus offer a foundation on… read more | Chapter
The study of swearing has increased in the last decade, diversifying to include a wider range of data and methods of analysis. Nevertheless, certain types of data and specifically large corpora of computer mediated communication (CMC) have not been studied extensively. In this paper, we fill a gap… read more | Article
Lutzky, Ursula and Jane Demmen 2013 Pray in Early Modern English dramaJournal of Historical Pragmatics 14:2, pp. 263–284
This study seeks to provide new insights into the development and use of pray in Early Modern English. The study is based on the sociopragmatically annotated Drama Corpus, which combines the drama text samples of three different Early Modern English corpora, comprising a total of 242,561 words from… read more | Article
Lutzky, Ursula 2012 Why and what in Early Modern English dramaMiddle and Modern English Corpus Linguistics: A multi-dimensional approach, Markus, Manfred, Yoko Iyeiri, Reinhard Heuberger and Emil Chamson (eds.), pp. 177–190
This study sheds new light on the nature of the discourse markers why and what in the Early Modern English (EModE) period. It attempts to fill a gap by providing a contrastive analysis of these two markers of similar origin in the drama samples of two EModE corpora – A Corpus of English Dialogues… read more | Article