Michael Macdonald-Ross

List of John Benjamins publications for which Michael Macdonald-Ross plays a role.


Macdonald-Ross, Michael and Robert Waller. 2000. The transformer revisited. Information Design Journal 9:2/3, pp. 177–193
Written in 1974 while the authors were with the Open University, this paper first appeared in the 1976 Penrose Annual. The original abstract, written by the Penrose editor, read: Break down the barriers in the interests of the reader. Take responsibility for the success or failure of the… read more | Article
University libraries are facing the farce of NICT (New Information and Communication Technologies). Libraries are ancient indeed - they date from the third century BC. Their staff are, as a rule, not well equipped to judge the impact of technological change (who is?). Instead of being too… read more | Article
Costigan-Eaves, Patricia and Michael Macdonald-Ross. 1986. Seminar on graphs & graphic communication Rutgers University, April 1984. Information Design Journal 4:3, pp. 224–226