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Studies on the impact of learning context in second language (L2) acquisition seldom look at ab-initio learners and their learning journey from the very beginning. Consequently, it is difficult to know for certain whether the findings of study-abroad vs. at-home research are applicable to this… read more
In this chapter, I explore the connection between language processing and discourse-pragmatic factors in the L2 acquisition of three (Mandarin) Chinese Object topicalisation structures. Processability Theory (Pienemann, 1998, 2005) and Information Structure Theory (Lambrecht, 1994) are employed to… read more
当今众多语言教学法的主要目标是对学习者的语言能力培训。因此,衡量教学的成功与否大都通过语言技能来体现,尤其是语言交流能力。这一趋势不但反映在课堂教学上,而且也反映在语言教学研究、教师培训、教程和教材上。 Kinoshita & Zhang 于 2014 年提出重新审视高等教育中语言教学的目的。她们认为,高等教育中的语言课应被视为一种“人文教育” (liberal arts education) ,目的是智能开发和超语言的知识传授。也就是说,高等教育中的语言课的重点之一应该是提高学习者的普遍认知水平,培养其思辨能力,使其对目的语国家和当今世界不但“知其然”、而且“知其所以然”。… read more
Zhang, Yanyin and Bo Liu 2016 The ‘tense’ issue: Variable past tense marking by advanced end-state Chinese speakers of L2 EnglishDeveloping, Modelling and Assessing Second Languages, Keßler, Jörg-U., Anke Lenzing and Mathias Liebner (eds.), pp. 101–120 | Article
Chinese learners of L2 English tend to show variable past tense -ed marking even at an advanced proficiency level. The source of this problem has been explored and debated extensively but no conclusion has been reached (see Beck 1997; Lardiere 1998a/b; Hawkins & Liszka 2003). In this study we… read more
Zhang, Yanyin 2015 Chapter 3. The emergence of sentence Topic in a Topicprominent language: A descriptive study of L2 ChineseTheoretical and Methodological Developments in Processability Theory, Baten, Kristof, Aafke Buyl, Katja Lochtman and Mieke Van Herreweghe (eds.), pp. 45–70 | Article
The present study investigates the L2 developmental course of the sentence Topic in a Topic-prominent language – Mandarin Chinese. It examines the structural, the semantic and the discourse-pragmatic aspects of the Topic development, thereby focusing on the word order, the semantic feature of… read more
Zhang, Yanyin and Ima Widyastuti 2010 Acquisition of L2 English morphology: A Family case studySociocognitive Approaches to Second Language Pedagogy, Dyson, Bronwen Patricia (ed.), pp. 29.1–29.17 | Article
This study investigates the status of morphology in the L2 English of three members of a family from Indonesia (parents and their 5-year-old daughter) who have lived, studied or worked in Australia for a year. The investigation is contextualized against various learning settings in which the… read more