Akiko Nagano

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Competition in Word-Formation

Edited by Alexandra Bagasheva, Akiko Nagano and Vincent Renner

[Linguistik Aktuell/Linguistics Today, 284] 2024. vi, 352 pp.
Subjects Morphology | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics


Nagano, Akiko 2024 Chapter 2. A lexicalist approach to affixal rivalry and its explanatory basisCompetition in Word-Formation, Bagasheva, Alexandra, Akiko Nagano and Vincent Renner (eds.), pp. 34–71 | Chapter
This chapter explores the phenomenon of affixal rivalry, namely, the competition between synonymous affixes, using comparative data and the lexical semantic framework (LSF), which is a lexicalist theory in the generativist tradition. The LSF’s major goal is to explain derivational polysemy, and… read more
Nagano, Akiko, Alexandra Bagasheva and Vincent Renner 2024 Chapter 1. Towards a competition-based word-formation theory: Core research questions and major hypothesesCompetition in Word-Formation, Bagasheva, Alexandra, Akiko Nagano and Vincent Renner (eds.), pp. 1–31 | Chapter
This chapter provides an overview of the study of competition in word-formation theories, drawing on the findings of the ten chapters collected in this volume and other recent contributions. It explores recurrent issues regarding (i) the triggers and outcomes of competition, (ii) the variety of… read more
Shimada, Masaharu and Akiko Nagano 2022 Chapter 11. Ambiguities in Japanese pseudo-coordination and its dialectal variationPseudo-Coordination and Multiple Agreement Constructions, Giusti, Giuliana, Vincenzo Nicolò Di Caro and Daniel Ross (eds.), pp. 245–270 | Chapter
This paper addresses Japanese pseudo-coordination containing an existential verb by focusing on the two types of existential verbs, one taking an animate subject and the other taking an inanimate subject. Though both can form a pseudo-coordination expression, one is two-way ambiguous in… read more
Shimada, Masaharu and Akiko Nagano 2017 Miratives in Japanese: The rise of mirative markers via grammaticalizationThe Rise and Development of Evidential and Epistemic Markers, Cruschina, Silvio and Eva-Maria Remberger (eds.), pp. 213–244 | Article
The notion of mirativity as a grammatical category separate from evidentiality is controversial, but a certain amount of cross-linguistic evidence speaks for its validity. The aim of this study is to investigate this notion in contemporary and earlier Japanese, which is shown to have mirative… read more