Liliana Cabral Bastos

List of John Benjamins publications for which Liliana Cabral Bastos plays a role.



Telles Ribeiro, Branca, Lucy Bunning and Liliana Cabral Bastos 2021 Chapter 9. Face, conflict, and adaptability in mediated intercultural invitations: Young adults navigate complexities of ethnicity, gender, nationality and ageThe Pragmatics of Adaptability, Silva, Daniel N. and Jacob L. Mey (eds.), pp. 191–212
In a world of increasing national and international mobility, people are progressively more engaged in communication over multiple types of media. This paper discusses the question of adaptability in mediated intercultural communication, considering the perspectives of a group of international… read more | Chapter
de Andrade Biar, Liana, Naomi Orton and Liliana Cabral Bastos 2021 Tales from the South: Doing narrative analysis in a “post-truth” BrazilMethodology of Narrative Study: What the first thirty years of Narrative Inquiry have revealed, McCabe, Allyssa and Dorien Van De Mieroop (eds.), pp. 126–146
This article presents some of the theoretical-epistemological assumptions and methods which underpin Narrative Analysis in Brazil. In the niche we have carved out for ourselves, we combine (auto)ethnographic techniques with analytical tools which draw on both narrative analysis and… read more | Article
Lewis, Elizabeth Sara and Liliana Cabral Bastos 2017 Chapter 8. Queering violence and narrative: Voices from a marginalized communityLanguage and Violence: Pragmatic perspectives, Silva, Daniel N. (ed.), pp. 189–226
This chapter argues that it is useful to take a queer stance on studying narratives about violence in marginalized communities, considering “queer” a position countering any type of normalization that produces stigmatized margins (Halperin 1995; Louro 2004), not limited to gender and sexuality.… read more | Chapter
Telles Ribeiro, Branca and Liliana Cabral Bastos 2005 Telling stories in two psychiatric interviews: A discussion on frame and narrativeApplied Linguistics in Latin America, Rajagopalan, Kanavillil (ed.), pp. 58–75
This study investigates contextualization processes in two psychiatric interviews. Specifically, it analyses how different analytical tools — frame and narrative — work to clarify contextual embeddings and story bits. Frame analysis provides a way of looking at local and larger social contexts in… read more | Article