Maria M. Langleben

List of John Benjamins publications for which Maria M. Langleben plays a role.


Langleben, Maria M. 2017 Chapter 8. Landscape as a dominant hero in “Bezhin Meadow” by I. S. TurgenevThe Stylistics of Landscapes, the Landscapes of Stylistics, Douthwaite, John, Daniela Francesca Virdis and Elisabetta Zurru (eds.), pp. 123–152
The plot of “Bezhin Meadow” (BM) consists of three almost independent narratives loosely connected to each other. The story does not fall apart owing to continuous flow of time accompanied by ever-present landscapes, changing in concert with the motion of time, and merging with it. The collateral… read more | Chapter
Langleben, Maria M. 1989 The grades of readingText and Discourse Connectedness: Proceedings of the Conference on Connexity and Coherence, Urbino, July 16–21, 1984, Conte, Maria-Elisabeth, János Sánder Petöfi and Emel Sözer (eds.), pp. 441 ff.