Helen Charters

List of John Benjamins publications for which Helen Charters plays a role.


Charters, Helen and Grant Muagututi’a 2015 Chapter 2. Processing Alignments: Semantic, Thematic and Structural Prominence in Samoan SLATheoretical and Methodological Developments in Processability Theory, Baten, Kristof, Aafke Buyl, Katja Lochtman and Mieke Van Herreweghe (eds.), pp. 19–44 | Article
PT proposes two key hypotheses to account for sentence-like structures in early SLA: (i) the Unmarked Alignment Hypothesis says that learners map the most prominent semantic role onto the subject function and the most prominent structural position; (ii) the Topic Hypothesis says that learners do… read more
Overall, learners of Mandarin tend to use overt nouns and pronouns to a greater extent than native speakers (Charters 1996b), but what specifically gives rise to this discrepancy? Differences in the distribution of ellipsis in learner and native speaker texts is investigated: both frequency and… read more