Randy J. LaPolla

Randy J. LaPolla

Randy J. LaPolla is author/editor of the following titles:

Studies in Transitivity: Insights from Language Documentation. Special issue of Studies in Language 35:3 (2011)
Edited by František Kratochvíl, Alexander R. Coupe and Randy J. LaPolla
[Studies in Language, 35:3]  2011.  v, 266 pp.

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Randy J. LaPolla is a contributor to the following articles:

LaPolla, Randy J. 1995. “Pragmatic relations and word order in Chinese”. In Word Order in Discourse, 297–329
LaPolla, Randy J. 2003. “3. Evidentiality in Qiang”. In Studies in Evidentiality, 63–78
LaPolla, Randy J. 2005. “The inclusive-exclusive distinction in Tibeto-Burman languages”. In Clusivity, 291–311
LaPolla, Randy J. 2016. “Evans, Vyvyan. 2014. The language myth: Why language is not an instinct.”. Studies in Language 40:1, 235–252
LaPolla, Randy J., František Kratochvíl and Alexander R. Coupe 2011. “On Transitivity”. In Studies in Transitivity, 469–492