Amanda Lower

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Compliments and compliment responses are a frequent topic of study in face-to-face interactions (see Chen 2010 for an overview), and are gaining traction in online interactions. This study builds on works on compliment responses online; particularly work by Placencia, Lower, and Powell (2016), by… read more
Placencia, María Elena, Amanda Lower and Hebe Powell 2016 Complimenting behaviour on Facebook: Responding to compliments in American EnglishPragmatics and Society 7:3, pp. 339–365 | Article
Compliment responses in face-to-face interaction have been extensively studied in different languages and cultures. Studies on complimenting behaviour in social-digital contexts are beginning to emerge (cf. Cirillo 2012; Placencia and Lower 2013; Maíz-Arévalo 2013). This paper aims to contribute to… read more