Christine Béal

List of John Benjamins publications for which Christine Béal plays a role.

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David, Caroline, Laurence Vincent-Durroux, Kerry Mullan, Christine Béal and Cécile Poussard 2023 Temporal reference in oral narratives produced by French learners of English as a second language: The case of ANDReference: From conventions to pragmatics, Gardelle, Laure, Laurence Vincent-Durroux and Hélène Vinckel-Roisin (eds.), pp. 305–322 | Chapter
The differing approaches to expressing temporality across languages lead us to question what difficulties might be experienced by learners of a second language when referring to time. We examine the spoken data of 33 French university learners of English to assess their mastery of the English… read more
This paper is a description of some typical differences in conversational routines in French and Australian English, and the kinds of tensions that arise when speakers with two different sets of rules come into contact. This conflict exists for most French people in Australia, who speak English,… read more
When people from different linguistic and cultural backgrounds have to work together, this often leads to negative stereotyping, as the result of clashing rules of interaction. This article, based on ‘on the job’ recorded data, looks at the particular case of French people living and working in… read more
Barbaux, Marie Thérése and Christine Béal 1983 Video in the classroom: New perspectives on an underdeveloped mediumForeign Language Teaching, Quinn, T.J. (ed.), pp. 30–35 | Article