Viacheslav Chirikba

List of John Benjamins publications for which Viacheslav Chirikba plays a role.


Chirikba, Viacheslav 2008 2. The problem of the Caucasian Sprachbund.From Linguistic Areas to Areal Linguistics, Muysken, Pieter (ed.), pp. 25–93 | Article
The aim of this paper is to demonstrate the fact that by many parameters, which involve all levels of linguistic structure (phonology, morphology, syntax, lexical semantics and lexicon), the Caucasus constitutes a linguistic area. The totality of numerous features shared by the two mutually… read more
Chirikba, Viacheslav 2003 11. Evidential category and evidential strategy in AbkhazStudies in Evidentiality, Aikhenvald, Alexandra Y. and R.M.W. Dixon (eds.), pp. 243–272 | Chapter