Roger Lass

List of John Benjamins publications for which Roger Lass plays a role.


Lass, Roger 2004 Texts as linguistic objectsCategorization in the History of English, Kay, Christian and Jeremy J. Smith (eds.), pp. 147 ff. | Article
Lass, Roger 2000 Remarks on (uni)directionalityPathways of Change: Grammaticalization in English, Fischer, Olga, Anette Rosenbach and Dieter Stein (eds.), pp. 207–227 | Article
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Lass, Roger 1992 What are language histories histories of?Prospects for a New Structuralism, Lieb, Hans-Heinrich (ed.), pp. 243 ff. | Article
SUMMARY The received wisdom among historians of English is that the modern quality/length distinction in the pairs /I, i:/, /u, u:/ is of ancient date, going back at least to Middle English, if not Old English or earlier (WGmc * /i, e:/, * /u, o:/ are the main sources). In a recent paper (Lass… read more
Lass, Roger 1990 Where do Extraterritorial Englishes come from? Dialect input and recodification in transported EnglishesPapers from the 5th International Conference on English Historical Linguistics, Adamson, Sylvia M., Vivien A. Law, Nigel Vincent and Susan Wright (eds.), pp. 245 ff. | Article
SUMMARY According to one influential (and dominant) historiographical tradition, the phonological system of southern standard English reached something near its present form quite early, in many particulars even in the late 16th century. This tradition is based on often tendentious misreading and… read more
Lass, Roger 1987 On sh*tting the door in modern English: A reply to Professor SamuelsExplanation and Linguistic Change, Koopman, Willem F., Frederike van der Leek, Olga Fischer and Roger Eaton (eds.), pp. 251 ff. | Article
Lass, Roger 1987 Language, speakers, history and driftExplanation and Linguistic Change, Koopman, Willem F., Frederike van der Leek, Olga Fischer and Roger Eaton (eds.), pp. 151 ff. | Article
SUMMARY Historical Linguistics is less realist and much more conventinal-ist than many of us think or like to think. Historical 'truth', by virtue of the epistemological status of the past, is not attainable in the same sense as 'truth' in nonhistorical disciplines. Theories and techniques are… read more
Lass, Roger and Susan Wright 1986 Endogeny Vs. Contact: 'Afrikaans Influence' on South African EnglishEnglish World-Wide 7:2, pp. 201–223 | Article
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