Alina Tigău

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Against recent claims that Romance languages lack a genuine dative alternation since they lack a genuine Prepositional Dative Construction (e.g., Pineda 2012), we bring evidence that, in Romanian, even in Recipient ditransitive constructions, datives manifest either DP or PP properties. In order to… read more
Tigău, Alina and Klaus von Heusinger 2021 Dative clitics in Romanian ditransitivesRomance Languages and Linguistic Theory 2017: Selected papers from 'Going Romance' 31, Bucharest, Nicolae, Alexandru and Adina Dragomirescu (eds.), pp. 335–356 | Chapter
This chapter presents a novel analysis for Romanian ditransitives. Based on empirical findings, we develop a derivational account building on the internal make-up of the two internal arguments. The account departs from the observation that clitic doubling (CD) of indirect objects (IO) and… read more