János László †

List of John Benjamins publications for which János László † plays a role.



László, János † and Ildiko Smogyvary 2008 Narrative empathy and inter-group relationsDirections in Empirical Literary Studies: In honor of Willie van Peer, Zyngier, Sonia, Marisa Bortolussi, Anna Chesnokova and Jan Auracher (eds.), pp. 113–125
In this study we assumed that the relation between readers’ and characters’ group identity would influence narrative empathy and thereby the impact of a short story. We used three social psychological models (infrahumanization, mentalization and linguistic inter-group bias) to test our assumptions.… read more | Article
László, János † and Tibor Pólya 2002 The role of the narrative perspective in the cognitive-cultural contextPerspective and Perspectivation in Discourse, Graumann, Carl Friedrich and Werner Kallmeyer (eds.), pp. 375–387