Elisabeth Gibert-Sotelo

List of John Benjamins publications for which Elisabeth Gibert-Sotelo plays a role.


This chapter offers a contrastive analysis of the negative prefix iN- in Latin and Romance that shows that this element has undergone a reanalysis throughout the evolution. In particular, it is proposed that iN- has evolved from an adjunct to a categorizing affix, a change that partially fits the… read more | Chapter
This paper deals with Talmy’s (2000) typological distinction between satellite- and verb-framed systems by comparing the expression of negative meaning through Source prefixes in Latin and Spanish complex verbs. In particular, the claim is made that the different scope relations established between… read more | Article
Gibert-Sotelo, Elisabeth. 2017. Asymmetries between Goal and Source prefixes in Spanish: A structural account from a diachronic perspective. Space in Diachrony, Luraghi, Silvia, Tatiana Nikitina and Chiara Zanchi (eds.), pp. 241–280
An asymmetry is observed in Spanish between the Goal prefixes a- and en- and the Source prefix des-: while the former are not productively adjoined to verbal bases, the latter felicitously attaches to verbs in order to encode Source-oriented transition events. From a diachronic standpoint, it is… read more | Chapter