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Argumentation and Meaning: Semantic and pragmatic reflexions

Edited by Steve Oswald, Sara Greco, Johanna Miecznikowski, Chiara Pollaroli and Andrea Rocci

Special issue of Journal of Argumentation in Context 9:1 (2020) v, 166 pp.
Subjects Communication Studies | Discourse studies | Pragmatics


Oswald, Steve, Sara Greco, Johanna Miecznikowski, Chiara Pollaroli and Andrea Rocci 2020 Argumentation and meaningArgumentation and Meaning: Semantic and pragmatic reflexions, Oswald, Steve, Sara Greco, Johanna Miecznikowski, Chiara Pollaroli and Andrea Rocci (eds.), pp. 1–18 | Article
This special issue aims to explore the semantic and pragmatic dimensions of meaning in terms of their significance and relevance in the study of argumentation. Accordingly, the contributors to the project, who have all presented their work during the 2nd Argumentation and Language conference,… read more
Wildfeuer, Janina and Chiara Pollaroli 2017 Chapter 7. Seeing the untold: Multimodal argumentation in movie trailersMultimodal Argumentation and Rhetoric in Media Genres, Tseronis, Assimakis and Charles Forceville (eds.), pp. 189–216 | Chapter
This chapter considers movie trailers as a specific type of multimodal argumentative discourse and asks for their rhetorical and promotional structure. By applying a formal-logical as well as an argumentative perspective combining Pragma-Dialectics and the Argumentum Model of Topics, it aims at a… read more
Mazzali-Lurati, Sabrina and Chiara Pollaroli 2016 Blending metaphors and arguments in advertisingMetaphor and Communication, Gola, Elisabetta and Francesca Ervas (eds.), pp. 217–234 | Article
The present chapter aims at outlining a framework of analysis that allows us to identify the central factors of advertising messages, in particular the arguments that addressers want to provide to addressees in order to convince them about the worth of the advertised product. Through the analysis… read more
In this article we present an exploratory investigation of pictorial and multimodal metaphors appearing in print product advertisements; the aim is to ascertain their relevance for the arguments that the ads put forth. Departing from the working hypotheses that advertising is an argumentative… read more