Fransina Stradling

List of John Benjamins publications for which Fransina Stradling plays a role.


Jeffries, Lesley, Fransina Stradling, Alex von Lünen and Hugo Sanjurjo-González 2023 Chapter 3. Hansard at Huddersfield: Streamlined corpus methods and interactive visualisations to pursue research aims beyond corpus linguisticsExploring Language and Society with Big Data: Parliamentary discourse across time and space, Korhonen, Minna, Haidee Kotze and Jukka Tyrkkö (eds.), pp. 89–117 | Chapter
This chapter describes one project’s approach to fostering uptake of corpus tools in research beyond corpus linguistics. It introduces the Hansard at Huddersfield web application, a new search tool that combines tried-and-tested corpus tools with interactive visualisations to make Hansard, the… read more