Chinfa Lien

List of John Benjamins publications for which Chinfa Lien plays a role.



The paper explores the formation and constraint of an aspect of scalar structure in Taiwanese Southern Min (TSM). The scale structure as we understand it is realized as a relation between the degree adverb and the gradable predicates it selects. The gradable predicate that the degree adverb… read more | Article
This paper proposes an eventive copula tso3 in contrast with the stative copula si7 in Taiwanese Southern Min. The eventive copula tso3 can be established on syntactic grounds. It can occur in copular small clauses on purposive phrases c-selected by distinct types of matrix verbs. The eventive… read more | Article
The paper investigates the syntactic behavior and semantic constraints of four types of aspectual particles (1) 夭 iau2 / 夭故 iau2koh4 ‘still’, (2) 已經 i2king1 ‘already’, (3) 夭未 iau2be7 ‘not…yet’, and (4) 毋 m7 /無 bo5 … read more | Article
This paper takes the string e5 khuan2 个款 (EK for short) as an ambiguous case to show the emergence of a grammatical function out of a lexical category. It examines the ambiguity of EK in conjunction with the analysis of its syntactic structure. It explores the collocates of EK including a range of… read more | Article
This paper first examines the distribution of tseng4 曾as an experiential aspect marker, and then the distribution of pat4 識 both as a cognition verb and as an experiential aspect in five earlier Southern Min texts. (Wu 2001abcd and Quanzhou 2010) Almost three quarters of all instances of tseng5 曾… read more | Article