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Lexique, Syntaxe et Lexique-Grammaire / Syntax, Lexis & Lexicon-Grammar: Papers in honour of Maurice Gross

Edited by Christian Leclère, Éric Laporte, Mireille Piot and Max Silberztein

[Lingvisticæ Investigationes Supplementa, 24] 2004. xxii, 659 pp.
Subjects Lexicography | Natural language processing | Semantics | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics
Subjects Romance linguistics


The Lexicon-Grammar, first developed at LADL (Laboratoire d’Automatique Documentaire et Linguistique, CNRS) by Maurice Gross and his team, is organised in a series of tables. Each table groups lexical items with related behaviour (in the structure of basic sentences, in the distribution of… read more | Article
Leclère, Christian. 2005. The Lexicon-Grammar of French Verbs: A Syntactic Database. Linguistic Informatics – State of the Art and the Future: The first international conference on Linguistic Informatics, Kawaguchi, Yuji, Susumu Zaima, Toshihiro Takagaki, Kohji Shibano and Mayumi Usami (eds.), pp. 29–45
Leclère, Christian et Jacqueline Brisbois. 2004. Synonymie de mots et synonymie de phrases: une approche formelle. Lexique, Syntaxe et Lexique-Grammaire / Syntax, Lexis & Lexicon-Grammar: Papers in honour of Maurice Gross, Leclère, Christian, Éric Laporte, Mireille Piot and Max Silberztein (eds.), pp. 389–404
Classes of synonyms are typically established according to the criterion that the rest of the sentence in which they can alternate remains the same; that is, the structure does not change and the various elements remain in the same place. This approach recognises the synonymy between, for example,… read more | Article
Summary The “Lexicon-grammar” of LADL describes about 15,000 simple verbs and 25,000 complex verbs, according to the syntactic, distributional or semantic properties of their main constructions. I present the types of properties that have been selected as the basis for the classification of these… read more | Article
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