Lawrence Jun Zhang

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This article investigates second language socialization of three international students in a tertiary institute in New Zealand. To understand the experiences of international students, the article draws on the theoretical framework of the production of space to examine how the students experienced… read more
This study examined Chinese-as-a-second-language (L2 Chinese) learners’ speech production ability from a dual perspective: speech competence and speech performance. A total of 118 valid L2 Chinese learners finished two developed tests in this study, namely, the Chinese speech competence test and… read more
Teachers who enter the translation teaching profession are generally in lack of training in how to teach translation because such training is barely provided by the current professional or academic oriented translation programmes. Therefore, they have to go through a process of learning to become… read more
Wang, Liping and Lawrence Jun Zhang 2019 Chapter 8. Peter Skehan’s influence in research on task difficulty: A bibliometric analysis using CiteSpaceResearching L2 Task Performance and Pedagogy: In honour of Peter Skehan, Wen, Zhisheng (Edward) and Mohammad Javad Ahmadian (eds.), pp. 183–196 | Chapter
This paper presents results of a bibliometric analysis of studies on task difficulty over a period of nearly 40 years from 1990 to 2018 using CiteSpace V. The research data, consisting of 164 research articles and their 1706 citing references, were retrieved from the core collection of the Web of… read more
The teaching of writing in English as a second/foreign language (ESL/EFL) has been a challenging task for many teachers due to its multifaceted nature. This paper is a reflection on ESL/EFL writing teaching in three countries, namely China, Singapore, and New Zealand, with particular reference to… read more
This paper reports on two phases of a study of a group of advanced TEFL (teachers-of-English-as-a-foreign-language) students. To raise their awareness of the importance of discourse intonation while they were receiving teacher training, this study focuses on examining their sociocultural and… read more
This paper draws on language socialization theory and uses narrative frames and interview to investigate an international student’s socialization into feedback literacy practices in an EAP classroom. The analysis of findings shows that using a narrative frame methodology is an effective assessment… read more