Nicolas Mazziotta

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Subjects History of linguistics | Syntax


American grammarians were the first to make a systematic use of diagrams to depict syntactic relations. Among the most elaborated early attempts to visualize syntactic relations, Stephen W. Clark’s Practical Grammar (1847) delivered many diagrams that merge constituency-based… read more | Chapter
Mazziotta, Nicolas and András Imrényi 2020 Aspects of the theory and history of dependency grammarChapters of Dependency Grammar: A historical survey from Antiquity to Tesnière, Imrényi, András and Nicolas Mazziotta (eds.), pp. 1–22
Il est possible de modéliser la variation et le changement valenciel à l’aide des structures formelles que nous nommons polygraphes. Ces derniers étendent les arbres syntaxiques dépendanciels en autorisant des relations à porter sur d’autres relations. En prenant l’exemple de l’expression… read more | Article
This contribution investigates the syntactic conceptions of, and the diagramming system introduced by, the American grammarian Stephen Watkins Clark (1810–1901), who introduced the first comprehensive syntactic diagramming system. The structure of the English sentence is illustrated by agglutinated… read more | Article
Scholars have proposed many different models to describe coordination of verbal dependents. We give a brief presentation of the most common ways to deal with this construction from a general point of view. We then evaluate the adequacy of the models using data from Old French. In this particular… read more | Article