Stephen Pihlaja

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Metaphor in Religion and Spirituality

Edited by Stephen Pihlaja

Special issue of Metaphor and the Social World 7:1 (2017) v, 157 pp.
Subjects Cognition and language | Cognitive linguistics | Discourse studies


Religious identity is often viewed as a relatively stable construct, reflecting an individual’s personal worldview. However, individuals living within modern multi-cultural societies often must engage in extensive reflection to orient themselves to faith traditions in ways that are coherent and… read more | Article
Discussions of storytelling and narrative have encompassed abstraction in different ways including master narratives (Bamberg, 1997) and storylines (Harré & van Lagenhove, 1998). These discussions, however, have often viewed storytelling and abstraction as a binary distinction, rather than a… read more | Article
This article investigates the use of biblical stories and text in the preaching of Joshua Feuerstein, a popular Facebook evangelist, and focuses on how biblical stories are used to position the viewer in comparison to biblical characters and texts. Taking a discourse dynamics approach (Cameron &… read more | Article
Pihlaja, Stephen 2017 Special issue on metaphor in religion and spiritualityMetaphor in Religion and Spirituality, Pihlaja, Stephen (ed.), pp. 1–4
Online video pornography websites have grown into a key online industry and location for pornography consumption. While much work has been done investigating reception of online video generally, discourse analysis of comments and interaction around online pornography remains rare. This article… read more | Article