Aseel Zibin

List of John Benjamins publications for which Aseel Zibin plays a role.


This article aims to analyze the translation of Arabic metaphors into English in Naguib Mahfuz’s novel Zuqaq Al-Midaq (1966), which Trevor Le Gassick translated as Midaq Alley. With conceptual metaphor theory based on the notion of main meaning focus (Kövecses 2017) and the cogno-cultural… read more | Article
Zibin, Aseel, Abdel Rahman Mitib Altakhaineh and Hady Jihad Hamdan. 2022. : A cognitive linguistic study. Metaphor and the Social World 12:2, pp. 318–339
This study examines love and beloved metaphors from the cross-cultural perspective of Jordanian Arabic (JA) and English. The conceptual models suggested by Lakoff and Johnson (1980, 1999) and Kövecses (2014) and force dynamics proposed by Talmy (1988) are adopted as the theoretical frameworks… read more | Article
This study aims to examine the target concepts of metaphorical and metonymical uses of blood in Jordanian Arabic (JA) through adopting Conceptual Metaphor Theory as based on the notion of main meaning focus (Kövecses, 2010, 2011) as a theoretical framework. A 40,000 words specialized corpus was… read more | Article
This study aims to examine the metaphors used to describe Syrian refugees in Jordanian politico-economic discourse, adopting a Critical Metaphor Analysis Approach for data analysis. I compiled a specialised corpus containing political and economic articles from two daily Jordanian newspapers. The… read more | Article
This study aims to identify the metaphors and metonymies used to describe economic concepts in Jordanian economic discourse pre- and post-Arab Spring in order to examine whether the events of the Arab Spring have had an impact on these figurative devices. This study also examines whether metaphor… read more | Article
This study provides an analysis of Arabic metaphorical and/or metonymical compounds, extracted from a 20,000-word corpus, based on Conceptual Metaphor Theory and Conceptual Blending Theory. The analysis focuses on the semantic transparency of these compounds, on the one hand, and their linguistic… read more | Article