Alena L. Vasilyeva

List of John Benjamins publications for which Alena L. Vasilyeva plays a role.


Vasilyeva, Alena L. 2023. Debaters’ actions to manage interaction in the context of the debate talk show. Practices of Dialogue – Dialogue as practice, Létourneau, Alain, Geneviève Boivin and Nicolas Bencherki (eds.), pp. 230–254
The project explores how conflict is managed in a debate talk show that addresses the current situation in Belarus and its future. The analysis shows that the debaters act as co-designers of the debate activity. They indicate a variety of moves that they find inappropriate (e.g., personal attacks)… read more | Article
The study is a single case analysis and explores how disagreement space is constructed in a dialogue that addresses language ideology and identity issues in Belarus. Disagreement space is understood as a set of the interactant’s commitments, beliefs, intentions that can be reconstructed from their… read more | Article
The study explores public educational meetings that aim to promote the Belarusian language and culture. In the course of the meetings, those who do not have the same values and are not present during meetings are brought up into a conversation. In other words, the voice of the others who are not… read more | Article
The study examines how interactivity is constructed in the course of multi-person interaction in a semi-informal educational context. The audio-recordings of seven meetings of a female discussion club in Belarus and their transcripts serve as interactional data. The club was organized with a goal… read more | Article
The study explores verbal conflict in an institutional context and examines how the election debate format and the moderators’ actions contribute to the emergence of confrontation between themselves and the debaters, what communicative practices the debaters use to resist an institutionally… read more | Article
This article examines how mediators contribute to formulating a particular type of interactivity by bringing to the forefront institutionally appropriate identities of participants. An existing collection of 18 transcripts from audio recordings of mediation sessions at a mediation center in the… read more | Article
This study examines 18 transcripts from audio recordings of mediation sessions at a mediation center in the western United States to explore argumentation in the context of mediation activity. The mediation sessions involve divorced or divorcing couples attempting to create or repair a plan for… read more | Article
Aakhus, Mark and Alena L. Vasilyeva. 2008. Managing disagreement in multiparty deliberation. Controversy and Confrontation: Relating controversy analysis with argumentation theory, Eemeren, Frans H. van and Bart Garssen (eds.), pp. 197–214