Ladislao Salmerón

List of John Benjamins publications for which Ladislao Salmerón plays a role.


Salmerón, Ladislao, Helge I. Strømsø, Yvonne Kammerer, Marc Stadtler and Paul van den Broek. 2018. Chapter 4. Comprehension processes in digital reading. Learning to Read in a Digital World, Barzillai, Mirit, Jenny Thomson, Sascha Schroeder and Paul van den Broek (eds.), pp. 91–120
The Internet offers readers the unique opportunity to access rich information scenarios, but doing so requires the use of advanced digital reading skills. Examples of such scenarios are searching and acquiring information from multiple sources (e.g., hypertext, images, videos) and participating in… read more | Chapter
Salmerón, Ladislao, Walter Kintsch and Jose Canas. 2006. Coherence or interest as basis for improving hypertext comprehension. Text features which enable cognitive strategies during text comprehension, Oostendorp, Herre van (ed.), pp. 45–55
Educational hypertext aims to improve the reader’s comprehension by providing flexible access to information. However, this flexibility imposes additional tasks upon a reader who is used to gaining information in a linear manner. One of these difficulties is in choosing the reading order of the… read more | Article