Esmaeil Haddadian-Moghaddam

Esmaeil Haddadian-Moghaddam

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Translation and the cultural Cold War

Edited by Esmaeil Haddadian-Moghaddam and Giles Scott-Smith

Special issue of Translation and Interpreting Studies 15:3 (2020) v, 146 pp.
Subjects Interpreting | Translation Studies

Literary Translation in Modern Iran: A sociological study

Esmaeil Haddadian-Moghaddam

[Benjamins Translation Library, 114] 2014. xix, 236 pp.
Subjects Sociology | Theoretical literature & literary studies | Translation Studies


Haddadian-Moghaddam, Esmaeil. 2020. The cultural Cold War in the Middle East: William Faulkner and Franklin Book Programs. Translation and the cultural Cold War, Haddadian-Moghaddam, Esmaeil and Giles Scott-Smith (eds.), pp. 441–463
William Faulkner is an interesting case for the history of American cultural diplomacy. Although the State Department hailed him as a Cold War warrior, it had difficulty sponsoring his “modernist” novels in a book program that promoted American ideals during the Cold War. In this article I examine… read more | Article
Haddadian-Moghaddam, Esmaeil and Giles Scott-Smith. 2020. Translation and the cultural Cold War: An introduction. Translation and the cultural Cold War, Haddadian-Moghaddam, Esmaeil and Giles Scott-Smith (eds.), pp. 325–332
Azadibougar, Omid and Esmaeil Haddadian-Moghaddam. 2019. Chapter 7. The Persian tradition. A World Atlas of Translation, Gambier, Yves and Ubaldo Stecconi (eds.), pp. 149–168
From ancient Persia to modern Iran, translation has been consistently significant, which may be due to the geographical location of the political territory – placing it at the crossroads of many different languages and cultures throughout history. Despite its importance, however, translation… read more | Chapter
Although Persian is the official language in Iran, legal provisions are available for the use of minority languages in the media. Recent scholarship describes ‘Persianization’ as the ‘building block’ of language policy, overlooking the use of minority languages in official media. This paper… read more | Article
There is increasing interest in the “sociology of translation”, agents of translation, and the agency of translators in Translation Studies. But more research is needed on actual people involved in the production, distribution, and reception of translation, and factors affecting these… read more | Article
Haddadian-Moghaddam, Esmaeil. 2008. The Namesake in Persian: An on-line translation workshop. Babel 54:2, pp. 125–144
Translation and literary translation in particular, no longer can be seen as a static activity. In Austermühl’s words, the antiquated image of a lone translator, armed only with a pencil or typewriter and surrounded by dusty books, is no longer realistic. The translators are now learning to apply… read more | Article