Ursula Lenker

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Connectives in the History of English

Edited by Ursula Lenker and Anneli Meurman-Solin

[Current Issues in Linguistic Theory, 283] 2007. viii, 318 pp.
Subjects English linguistics | Germanic linguistics | Historical linguistics | Semantics | Syntax


The remarkably extensive and diverse Anglo-Saxon text corpus clearly testifies to the literary precocity and self-awareness of both writers and book producers in Anglo-Saxon England, the first period of literacy in English. This becomes particularly evident in prologues and scribal colophons, the… read more | Chapter
Lenker, Ursula. 2014. Knitting and splitting information: Medial placement of linking adverbials in the history of English. Contact, Variation, and Change in the History of English, Pfenninger, Simone E., Olga Timofeeva, Anne-Christine Gardner, Alpo Honkapohja, Marianne Hundt and Daniel Schreier (eds.), pp. 11–38
After the fixation of English word order to SVO, adverbials have come to be the only flexible sentence constituent in unmarked sentences. So far, however, there has only been little research into the specific discourse functions of the different positions of adverbials. In an earlier study on the… read more | Article
Lenker, Ursula. 2007. Forhwi ‘because’: Shifting deictics in the history of English causal connection. Connectives in the History of English, Lenker, Ursula and Anneli Meurman-Solin (eds.), pp. 193–227
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